Freedom Balloon Fest

Every Memorial Day in North Carolina the Freedom Balloon Fest comes to town. This year the festival was held in Fuquay Varina at the Fleming Loop Recreation Area. Although the weather turned bad for Sunday and Monday’s flights Saturday was a perfect morning for flying and the evening gave way for perfect glow weather. 33 balloons showed up to take part in this year’s event.

Balloon Glow by Daniel Agnew on


Polar Bears

So this past weekend my family headed up to the North Carolina Zoo to see some of the exhibits that have just opened recently. One of our favorites has been the polar bear and they have finished completely upgrading their habitat as well as adding a new male polar bear to the zoo. As you can see this was a great weekend to go since the polar bears were in a unusually playful mood.

Both polar bears were putting on an incredible show doing somersaults off the viewing glass and throwing a toy in the air multiple times. The crowd loved it and packed into the underwater viewing area to catch a glimpse of this aerobatic show.

Stay turned for a post on the brand new Ocelot habitat and exhibit that just opened up this month.


Sounds of Bullets Overhead

We’ve all seen it. The part in the old movies when bullets pass by someone and then comes the whiz sound. The long buzz as a bullet supposedly travels by an actor or camera leaves everyone believing what they hear as the sound effect is really what happens in real life. But what does that really sound like? Nothing like what the movies would have you think. Listen to the video and see what a bullet sounds like as it passes by. The rounds in this video were passing by only about 1 yard above the camera at a distance of 200 meters from the barrel of the gun.

Nothing like a whiz. Maybe a whiz is more dramatic for the theatres.